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Goldsboro's Best Kept Secret.


While Goldsboro's tobacco history is deep, a top notch tobacconist and cigar lounge aren't what come to mind when thinking of things to do in the area. But as one of the best kept secrets in the area, and something every cigar lover knows about, Tobacco and Hops delivers everything you need to enjoy a fine premium cigar and local craft beer, in the comforts of our exceptional lounge.
The Tobacco


With a focus on small boutique brands, we offer a wide selection of premium cigars from multiple brands, sure to please any pallet.

The Hops


NC is a craft beer state, and we proudly feature draft beers from all over the state, including exclusive brews from right here in Wayne County.

The Lounge


Whether you are looking to enjoy a cigar in peace, or gather with like minded cigar lovers, our exquisitely furnished lounge is the perfect oasis for any cigar lover.


The Tobacco

The first thing you experience when you walk into Tobacco and Hops is the large selection of premium cigar choices we provide to you. Whether you will be enjoying your purchase in our lounge, or taking it to go, our staff is happy to guide you to the perfect smoke for you to enjoy during your break away from your busy life.


The Hops

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting down with a good beer. It's been the preferred way to uncork at the end of the day since the invention of the drink. Here at Tobacco and Hops, we provide a selection of brews to fit everyones taste. Our draft beer all hail from one of the many great craft breweries in North Carolina. We've also got a great selection of beers from all over the world, including domestic macro breweries, smaller micro breweries and premium imports. Don't forget to ask about our exclusive rotating house beer series, Smoking Jacket.


The Lounge

Cigar Lounges are a unique place. Very few retreats can provide a place where you can either sit alone in peace, or congregate with familiar friends or new people, all who share a bond around seeking a break from life with a premium cigar.


The Tobacco and Hops Lounge provides a space to do both. With seating for 35+, sectioned off in areas to sit alone, or in groups as large as 8, you will always find the perfect spot to come and relax with a good book, or catch the game with friends, or socialize with strangers, all with a great smoke and a cold beer in hand.

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